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  • ANALYSES from experts and practitioners on the most crucial issues related to cybersecurity
  • POLICY REVIEWS of the most important official public documents
  • INTERVIEWS with opinion leaders and business leaders
  • Exclusive OPINIONS from decision-makers and stakeholders
  • ANNUAL REPORT presenting the conclusions of the European Cybersecurity Forum CYBERSEC

Articles submitted to the European Cybersecurity Journal must be original and should not be drawn substantially from previously published works of the authornor should it be simultaneously submitted to any other publication.

Authors are not charged any publication fee.


  • Length of the article – between 5 and 12 pages, established case by case.
  • Format – Word, (.doc or .docx); PDF-format cannot be accepted.
  • Margins – 2,5 cm.
  • Characters:
    1. The main characters – Times New Roman, 12 points,
    2. Spaces between lines 1,5,
    3. Text justified.
  • Titles of chapters and subchapters – aligned to the left, without a dot at the end, maximum length – 12 words.
  • Indicating chapters, paragraphs, or subtitles:




  • No hard spaces” (Ctrl+Shift+Space) in the text.
  • Articles should include an abstract (max 300 words) and key words at the beginning of the text.
  • A brief author biography and photo should be submitted with the article.
  • For every 500 words one streamer will be added to the text. The authors can include the text for the streamer themselves, otherwise the chief editor will choose a quote from the text for the streamers.
  • It is essential to use the same format of enumerations. When every idea starts with a sign, number, or a new line, it should start with a small letter and end with the sign “;”. The last line should end with a dot.
  • Every word from any other language than English should be written in italics. Where possible, first the English word should be given, and then the foreign word written in italics, inside brackets, and preceded by an abbreviation of the language.

freedom (ger. Freiheit)

  • Abbreviations should be explained in brackets. The explanation should be written in italics, if it originates from a foreign language. There should be only one explanation of a particular term in the text.

EC (European Commission)
GES (fr. gaz à effet de serre)

  • Please use the Oxford/serial comma when listing 3 or more things.


  • Tables and figures must be sent separately from the text in an editable version (direct pasting of pictures, tables, etc. or print screens are unacceptable).
  • Every table, chart, or picture should have:
    1. Its own subscription and number according to the example given below (please pay attention to the dots).
    2. The title of a table, picture, or chart should end with a dot.
    3. After the title, the source of information or a postscript “own chart based on…” should be given, as well as a date.
    4. The title should be in bold and written in Times New Roman, 10 points. The source should be given in the same characters, but without bolding.
    5. The subscription should be aligned to the left.

Table 1. The impact of shale gas excavation on the local market in Poland. Source: Bloomberg, 2000.

  • The numeration of tables, pictures, and charts is independent from one another.
  • All tables and figures will be printed in accordance with the colour code of the ECJ, so please don’t use too many colours in figures.


APA6 is used, Please follow APA Manual 6th Edition as of 2009 – the whole manual can be downloaded from www.apastyle.org

You may also read APA Quick Guide (a brief summary of 8 pages).

As for the characters in references:

  • Times New Roman, 10 points,
  • No spaces between lines,
  • Text justified.

In case of any questions or doubts please contact us at: editor[at]cybersecforum.eu