Jayshree Pandya

Jayshree Pandya

Founder and CEO, Risk Group LLC

Dr. Jayshree Pandya (née Bhatt), Ph.D., founder and CEO of Risk Group LLC and host of Risk Roundup podcast and webcast, is a scientist, a visionary, an expert in disruptive technologies, and a globally recognized strategic security thought leader and influencer.

She is actively engaged in driving global discussions on existing and emerging technologies, technology transformation, and national preparedness. She is a highly motivated and globally connected thought leader and influencer with a strong history of building security communities with shared purposes and goals. Her efforts at Risk Group are towards building a strategic security risk analytics platform to equip the global strategic security community with the tools and culture to collectively imagine the strategic security risks to our future and to collectively define and design a new security-centric operating system for the future of humanity.

She is passionately creating and managing cutting-edge security ventures that bring a futurist perspective to nations which affords governments and corporations alike the information to improve innovation capacity, to develop strategies, and to design new products and services for its security and sustainability. As a leading security futurist, Dr. Pandya brings to the table independent thought leadership, strategic thinking, and strong passion and commitment for taking ideas from concept to commercialization.

As nations make a move from centralization towards decentralization, the redefining and redesigning of systems at all levels evaluated in Dr. Pandya’s comprehensive research scholarship includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, internet of things, blockchain, cryptocurrency, quantum computing, quantum physics, quantum biology, virtual reality, synthetic biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, gene editing, and much more.

From the National Science Foundation to organizations from across nations, Jayshree is an invited speaker on emerging technologies, technology transformation, digital disruption, strategic security risks, industry risks, and country risks. She writes about Strategic Security Risks in a weekly column on Forbes.