Today 55% of the world population lives in urban areas, with United Nations predictions showing that by 2050 this percentage will rise up to 68%. Cities and urban communities are at the forefront of the digital revolution and very often serve as test beds for emerging technologies and cybersecurity solutions, as they help them face key urban challenges, from transportation and power supply to civic engagement. Regions and cities have it all to be the leading competence and innovation centres for cybersecurity. Local ecosystems allow for real and efficient cooperation between the triple helix of government (both regional and national), university centres for research and innovation, large international companies, local SMEs and startups. Additional support from the venture capital community is also a feature of these ecosystems. In turn, an innovative sector of products and services to secure the world’s digital DNA can develop on this foundation. Some regions and cities have already established regional cybersecurity hubs but others need to be incentivised and inspired to follow the trend.


We will invite representatives of selected innovation centres for cybersecurity to Poland to establish cooperation links and best practice sharing mechanisms with CEE regions and cities that are now lagging behind in building Digital Innovation Hubs for cybersecurity. We have to make the urban digital transformation human-centric and secure-by-design to ensure that in the times to come our world’s digital DNA is properly secured. That is why decision-makers at the regional level have to work hand in hand with industry leaders to build smart, secure and safe cities and regions – the foundational tissues of the world.
The CYBERSEC CEE format for regions & cities will provide a suitable platform to approach business sector, academia and local and regional governments to ensure they continue to be the places for people and technologies to thrive.


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