CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) is a one-of-a-kind training experience to hone practical skills of experts who are responsible for ICT infrastructure security regarding cyberattack detection and response. The training pits two squads, Blue Team and Red Team, against each other, with Blue Team as a group of defenders tasked with keeping their infrastructure safe from hacking and simultaneously ensuring that in a given session crucial services remain available and secure. Red Team, meanwhile, is an offensive group of cyberexperts, who mount an ongoing attack. Red Team’s hacking attempts are manifold and characterised by uniqueness and complexity.

Thanks to their participation in training sessions, IT infrastructure security experts are able to gain or display their competence in:

Blue Team
• security management of an actual IT environment in everyday working conditions,
• recognition and assessment of IT infrastructure in terms of cyberattack protection methods,
• cyberattack detection among typical network activities from organisation members and external users,
• detection of local users’ abnormal behaviour,
• incident response and protection of an organisation’s critical systems,
• counteracting data leaks and industrial data breaches,

Red Team
• analysis, configuration, and security measures of an actual IT environment,
• learning hackers’ practices,
• constructing cyberattack scenarios,
• getting familiar with offensive cybersecurity techniques, tools, and procedures,
• software creation and use to verify system vulnerabilities,
• cyberattacks spearheaded in real, isolated environment against a foe who is trying to thwart the attempts as they happen.
In addition, training participants perfect their team work, responsibility sharing, and task delegation skills. As an added bonus, these exercises are conducive to improved quality of work done under time constraints.

Participants’ numbers and profiles; practical details
Teams up to four. Any people with technical competence who work in such positions as:
- security specialist,
- system, application, or network administrator,
- programmer.

CYBERSEC RANGE will unfold in an instance of cloud cyber-range online. We envisage taking part on four workstations. User accounts are going to be provided. A single training event will take up to one hour.



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