29th October 2019
10:00 Opening the exhibition space CYBERSEC EXPO 2019
11:30 – 11:45 Official Opening CYBERSEC EXPO 2019
Karol Okoński – Secretary of State, Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity, Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs
11:45 – 12:45 Central and Eastern Europe Cybersecurity market – 2019 and ahead
Luigi Rebuffi – Secretary General, The European Cyber Security Organisation
Oleh DereviankoExpert of the High-Tech Office Ukraine, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Information Systems Security Partners (ISSP)
Andrzej Dulka – Chairman of the Board, Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Włodzimierz Schmidt– Chairman of the Board, IAB Europe and IAB Poland

moderation: Robert Siudak – Advocacy and Strategic Projects Director, The Kosciuszko Institute
The value of the world market for cybersecurity-related products and services in 2018 amounted to 120-150 billion dollars. Digital security is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the entire IT industry, with an average growth rate of 8-10% per annum. If we want modern technologies to drive social and economic progress, the "security by design" principle must be combined with an innovative and agile approach within the framework of ICT solutions implemented on the market. Currently, the global cybersecurity market is shaped to a large extent by ecosystems from the US and Israel, characterized by a unique combination of start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, corporations, academic and public sector entities. The goal of the panel will be to outline the potential of Central and Eastern Europe, within this rapidly growing industry, especially in the context of recent regulatory and certification activities at the level of the European Union.
12:45 – 13:30 Security through Innovation
- Rafał Magryś - Vice-Chairman, EXATEL
- Marcin Słowik - Sales Director, Member of the Board of FIBRAIN
- Maciej Kuziemski - Advisor, Samurai Labs

moderation: John Davis - CyberWales
Cybersecurity is more than a challenge. It is also an opportunity for those businesses and markets which, with their innovative nature, are fearless and knowledgeable enough to be able to reinvent the rules of the game as they disrupt tech ecosystem. Global cybersecurity market is now (2019) estimated to be worth between 115 and 180 billion USD per year. Product and service providers from the US, Israel, and Great Britain play first fiddle here. At the same time, such brands as Avast (Czechia), ESET (Slovakia), or Bitdefender (Romania) show that, a conjunction of global ambitions of entrepreneurs in the region and high-calibre technical staff forged at CEE universities, can be a foundation for the competitive edge of products “made in the Central and Eastern Europe”.
13:30 – 14:00 Presentation:
"User identification based on keystroke dynamics" Nethone ATO is a research and development project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development from the European Smart Growth fund.
Aleksander Kijek - Chief Product Officer, Nethone
Aleksander Kijek will be speaking of the ability to secure user's account and implementing additional user authentication factors, without causing any friction for the user. He'll show how to use deep user profiling and passive behavioural analysis based on Machine Learning for the purpose of user authentication and more.
14:00 – 14:30 Presentation:
"Artificial intelligence and cyber security - opportunities, challenges and threats"
Janusz Żmudziński - Vice-Chairman, PTI
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14:30 – 15:00 Presentation:
“Azure Sphere: providing end-to-end device to cloud security”
Steven Christensen - IoT Solutions Specialist
Azure Sphere is a solution for creating highly secured, connected Microcontroller (MCU) devices, providing you with the confidence and the power to reimagine your business and create the future. Azure Sphere brings together the best of Microsoft’s expertise in cloud, software, and device technology to provide a unique approach to security that starts in the silicon and extends to the cloud. Together, Azure Sphere MCUs, the Azure Sphere OS, and the Azure Sphere Security Service provide you with the confidence to reimagine your business and the tools to create the future.
15:00 – 15:30 Presentation:
"The future without passwords and phishing, or a few words on the FIDO2 standard and how to seamlessly adopt it into an enterprise environment"
Marcin Szary - CTO & Co-founder, Secfense
Marcin Szary will talk about the revolutionary, open standard of user authentication (FIDO2), about how Google corporation eliminated takeover of their employees' accounts and how to activate that new standard on any web application without changing its code.
15:30 – 16:00 Presentation:
"Geopolitics & Threat Intel Landscape"
Andrzej Dereszowski - Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, BAE Systems
As technology continues to evolve and increasingly connect us, states, criminals and activists are using cyberspace to achieve their objectives. Cyberspace is being increasingly used to target critical national infrastructure, destabilize democratic elections and conduct espionage to achieve political objectives. Hence, the security community needs to work together in order to tackle the common challenges we face and intelligence has been the key to overcoming threats for centuries. In the 21st century, the threat is increasingly online. In our presentation we will share an overview of BAE Systems’ intelligence on how the Cyber threat landscape is evolving alongside geopolitics.
16:00 – 16:30 Presentation:
"The World Premiere of a cybersecurity solution for IoT Networks - ELIoT Pro"
Marek Ostafil - Chief Operating Officer, CybrusLabs
Cyberus Labs presents the world premiere of its simple-to-use and ultra secure IoT cybersecurity solution ELIoT Pro (Easy & Lightweight IoT Protector) simultaneously at both the Cybersec Forum in Katowice, Poland, and the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, on the 29th October.
The world premiere of ELIoT Pro will reveal the world’s most comprehensive and universal end-to-end cybersecurity system specifically designed for IoT networks, protecting users, devices and data. Now, IoT systems in the automotive, Industry 4.0, Smart City and Smart Building sectors will be better protected than ever, with ELIoT Pro completely eliminating the need for passwords - the weakest link in cybersecurity.
16:30 - 17:00 Special event
30th October 2019
10:00 Opening the exhibition space CYBERSEC EXPO 2019
10:00 – 11:00 Panel discussion:
5G – Sieć bliżej ludzi
[Panel will be held in Polish]
– Przedstawiciel Ministerstwa Cyfryzacji
Prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Krawczyk - Prezes, Polskie Towarzystwo Zastosowań Elektromagnetyzmu
Nikodem Bończa-Tomaszewski - Prezes Zarządu, Exatel
Rafała Garpiel - Pełnomocnik Zarządu ds. Relacji z Otoczeniem Inwestycji, Centralny Port Komunikacyjny Sp. z o.o.
Jacek Woźnikowski - Dyrektor Departamentu Rozwoju Społeczno-Gospodarczego i Współpracy, Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolia

moderation: Wojciech Jakóbik - Redaktor Naczelny, BiznesAlert

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11:00 – 11:30 Presentation:
„Cloud in the future, what will happen after IaaS?”
Marcin Zmaczyński - Head of Marketing CEE, Aruba Cloud
Choć obecnie temat chmury jako infrastruktury obliczeniowej jest wielokrotnie poruszany przez media,, warto się zastanowić czym jest i czym może stać się chmura w obliczu czwartej fali w ekonomii cyfrowej. Rozpatrzymy to pod kątem nie tylko nowych usług, ale także w kontekście bezpieczeństwa danych w chmurze, od DC począwszy po usługi..
11:30 – 12:00 Presentation:
"Why effective data management is fundamental to cyber security"
Paul Hudson – Principal Solutions Strategist, Automated Intelligence
Effective cyber security requires organisations to fully understand what data they hold.
Hackers certainly know what they want, and meticulously plan how to find valuable information fast, before they are detected. But how can organisations protect what they do not know they have?
Many businesses are in the dark when it comes to the value of their data and what potential risks it may contain. If they suffer a data breach, then this poses the threat of huge competitive and reputational damage to their business.
As a result, data governance is now recognised as a fundamental line of defence in protecting organisations from a cyber-attack.
Principal Solutions Strategist at Automated Intelligence, Paul Hudson, will explore how your organisation can find and understand its data, in order to elevate the value of the information and enable your business to grow.
12:00 – 13:00 Buying, building, outsourcing or insuring – the economy of cybersecurity
Steve Purser – Head of Core Operations, ENISA
Michał Kanownik – Chairman of the Board, Association of Importers and Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment – ZIPSEE ‘Digital Poland’
Alberto Di Felice Senior Policy Manager for Infrastructure, Privacy and Security, DIGITALEUROPE
Krzysztof SilickiDeputy Director for Cybersecurity and Innovation, NASK
Zdzisław Wiater – Head of division, Asseco Poland

moderation: Sylwia Czubkowska – Journalist, Gazeta Wyborcza
Most companies and institutions are facing the same dilemma when it comes to their cybersecurity: budget. It is not only the question of how much they should spend to secure their digital presence, it is also the issue of allocating funds in the most optimal way. In the face of expanding threat environment and rapidly increasing wages in IT-sec, businesses and institutions struggle to keep pace with cybersecurity challenges they have to face daily. The panel will try to answer these dilemmas by exploring current and future trends such as automation, security as a service, outsourcing and others.
13:00 – 13:30 Presentation:
"Technologies for Security Operation Centers"
Marcin Filipiak - Field Application Engineer, Arrow
more information soon
13:30 – 14:00 Presentation:
"Cynet 360 – first autonomous breach protection"
Paul Franka - Regional Sales Director Poland, Cynet
Cynet 360 is the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates Monitoring and Control, Attack Prevention and Detection, and Response Orchestration across the entire environment. Cynet 360 delivers these capabilities by pioneering the use of Cynet Sensor Fusion™ to continuously collect and analyze all endpoint, user, file and network activity across the protected environment. This makes it the only platform capable of seeing the true context of each activity and radically different from any siloed endpoint or network solution that monitor mere parts of the overall activity, resulting in reduced accuracy and protection scope.
14:00 – 14:30 Presentation:
"FEM-DIH, Łukasiewicz-ITE, Digital Core Design - Strategic partnership for Cybersecurity of devices, systems and services"
- Jacek Hanke - CEO, Digital Core Design
- dr inż. Grzegorz Janczyk - Assistant Professor, Head of the Integrated Circuits and Systems Design Department
Cybersecurity is a term increasingly used in public space both in Poland and around the World. The scale of security-related problems in computer networks is best illustrated by the increase in the number of scientific conferences dedicated to this area and the evolution of their topics. Almost every device is a computer SYSTEM today, controlled by the software built into this system and shows all vulnerabilities to its unauthorized use. Although ensuring cyber security is a fundamental issue, it is necessary to UNDERSTAND what is the matter...
The topics around which the agenda of exhibitors presentations will be built are:

Security and economy of cloud services

Automation of security and incidents management - AI in cybersecurity

Innovative ways to manage, protect and validate your identity

Cyber hygiene - forms of education and tools to raise employee awareness

Security of SCADA systems

Security of the Internet of Things