The unique jubilee edition of CYBERSEC is not only a series of new formats, but also the signing of the Digital DNA World Security Declaration. 

The European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC is now the biggest cybersecurity event in Central and Eastern Europe and a community of people for whom securing the world’s digital DNA is not just a job but passion. During the CYBERSEC CEE 2019 opening the Kosciuszko Institute proudly presented the Securing the World’s Digital DNA Declaration. We shall never forget that cyberspace is human-made, and we should keep proactively shaping its DNA structure and characteristics.


1. The human is the weakest link in cybersecurity, but it is also the most important one in the digital world’s DNA and therefore cyberspace should serve people. #HumanCentricApproach
2. We need to stop the uncontrolled processing of personal data and regain the control of the use of private information. #PrivacyByDesign #DigitalFootprint
3. New digital technologies, infrastructure, products and services should be designed, developed and used in a secure way in the whole life cycle and throughout entire
value chain. #SecurityByDesign
4. It is our duty to protect our democracy and freedom against cyber disruption and disinformation, which might compromise, respectively, the voting infrastructure and the integrity of our decision-making process. #CyberResilienceOfDemocracy #InformationSecurity
5. Responsible and normative international collaboration, advanced public-private partnerships and cross-industry cooperation is needed more than ever to address global digital challenges. #Multi-stakeholderApproach #CybersecurityCSR
6. Diversity in cybersecurity contributes to the efficacy of cybersecurity teams and sustainability of solutions. Inclusiveness is a key factor in security issues and significant gender imbalance has prevented cybersecurity from developing full scale. We need to have inclusive and diverse teams in order to tackle current digital threats. #CyberInclusiveness
7. Strengthening forward posture in deterrence and defence, building and sharing cyber capabilities of like-minded countries, and improve attribution through better, more powerful technological potential might help to counter malign actions in cyberspace taken by state and non-state actors. #ActiveCyberDefence #DefendingForward
8. In the face of exponential development of deep technologies such as AI, quantum computing, IoT or blockchain together with their intersections, to identify future risks and address them up front is required. #One-Step-Ahead-Cybersecurity-Policy #DeepCybersecurity
9. Technological development must be ethical, sustainable and underpinned with values. We need to advance innovation against emerging threats. #TechnologyForGood
10. We need to make sure that humanity will be forever kept in the loop and that digital technology will never overpower us – that is cybersecurity per se in the new digital world. #TechnologicalSingularity


You could download the DECLARATION HERE .